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From the smallest to the largest of spaces, sophisticated and functional Swiftspace™ Workstations accommodate your offices’ need for flexible furniture. These workstations are lightweight and easy to assemble. Swiftspace™ Workstations come in a variety of colors and models.

Flexible and easy to put together, they save you money on assembly costs. As your need for workstations changes, Swiftspace™ Workstations are easily moved to accommodate additional employees or collapse to put into storage. You can even rearranging your office furniture layout for a fresh new look at minimal cost.

Fast Set-up - No Costs Involved!

  • No installers needed to set-up or tear down.
  • Closed to open in under one minute.
  • No tools required
  • Lightweight
  • Moves easily from one location to another on casters

Available Colors:

Available Colors for Swiftspace Workstations

Available Models:

  • Space saver models
  • Straight surface models
  • Access point stations

Featured Swiftspace™ Workstations

Featured Swiftspace™ Workstations


For more information on Swiftspace™ Workstations, contact us or visit the Swiftspace™ website. We offer free delivery in Washington and Oregon.